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We worked with Ammonia Systems after having worked with York International for ten years. Later, started as a partner and owner of the Company Comfort Ambiental. Through the years, we changed our name. We then established our new Company, now known as Refri-Amonia. the company could now be in the market and have less competition for industrial refrigeration based on Ammonia, since it is the only refrigerant that does not pollute the ozone and consumes less hp’s by tons. The name basically comes from the desire of working with Refrigeration based on Ammonia.

Our Mission

The total satisfaction of our customers is sustainable by the quality of our services. We adapt new techniques and technology and together with our human resources, we become an important link for our customers’ products.


To become a leader company in refrigeration and to be among the first enterprises of high quality and extension for our clients. We support them with our high value services and trust, thus becoming better earnings for them and our company.


Social well-being

Estratégia de comunicación

  • By word of mouth
  • Yellow pages
  • Expoalimentos Cintermex (Food convention)
  • Expocarnes (Meat)
  • Manufacturers